#107 part 2: “in a moment You can turn a life around / forever to be found in You”

I’ve gotta admit, this has been the most tiring youth camp I’ve had to date. From fretting over putting together teams for worship & making last minute requests for youths to play for worship during camp because of my poor planning, to putting in late hours for choosing songs for camp worship & working out the arrangements, to doing slides every night of camp for the next day (again because of my poor planning)…but like what Rebecca wrote on her blog, it’s all worthwhile.

I confess that I wasn’t especially spiritually touched, uplifted or inspired by the sermons, discussions & devotions of this youth camp compared to the previous 3. But 1 thing for sure is, even though it took me till the last night of camp (wee hours of Saturday morning actually) to realize how gracious God has been & how He had provided for us, the youths at camp, & for me personally.

A couple of days & soon Youth Camp 2011 would kick off. I only had Love Like Fire as a confirmed song for worship, since the main committee agreed upon it to be our camp theme song for this year. And from Love Like Fire, with God’s guidance, the song list grew & soon, I miraculously picked 20 songs for youth camp. Jasmine commended that with God’s grace I had achieved a great feat; & I couldn’t agree more.

Since the worship committee for youth camp was me, myself, & I (it sounded funny, but really it wasn’t), I was pretty worried about what equipment we could bring over to the campsite, what equipment we needed, how to bring it there & back & the likes. Thankfully, Dad was available to lend a helping hand & drive the equipment from church back home, from home to camp & from camp back to church, as well as Uncle Ken for instructing me on where equipment I was unfamiliar with were.

Though the turnout for camp this year was smaller than the previous 3 youth camps I attended, the main comm really worked their butts off. I think it was probably the same for all the main comms for every youth camp, just that this time around I finally got to taste it. Dom Kuek our camp commandant was always getting everyone in the spirit of being in youth camp; Ben Kuek always behind the scenes pulling the strings of youth camp along with everyone else; Rebecca always ensuring we had enough to eat & drink & that our welfare was taken care of; Jonathan running the games to inject fun & enjoyment while we learn more about God; Jonas fretting & painstakingly- as every other main comm member – putting together a refreshing campfire Finale Night program for us.

I suppose to put it simply, I’m really thankful to God for how things turn out in youth camp.

I thank God for my fellow main comm members who’ve done a tremendous job, working with whatever we had & with God’s guidance, pulled off a memorable youth camp this 2011. Finishing debriefs every night at 2 am to ensure that things run smoothly the next day – now that’s passion for you (though I’ve to admit debriefs were hilariously awesome & that’s probably 1 of the reasons why we could tank it). I thank God for Abigail who was not only a wonderful group mate, but also a wonderful CAMP NANNY ^^ looking out for every youth. I thank God for the young adults who were with us, Dom Yeo (especially for mentoring me on my purpose of serving, that ‘s all for God), Danielle & Jasmine (who took over half of the worship sessions if not I would’ve been left vocally exhausted & expired). I thank God for everyone else who has contributed in 1 way or another to youth camp, Kane for the photo-taking, Amos, Serene, the speaker Michael, parents who brought lots of food for Finale Night, all the sub-committee members & definitely, every camp participant.

Last but not least, thank you God, for holding the weather from being too extreme for us to carry out our activities & especially clearing the skies for our campfire. Talking to God in the wee hours in the morning of the last day of camp when most of us were asleep sure made me reflect more about myself & areas I need & still need God to guide me in my life. It won’t be easy overcoming what I have to, but like our theme, I gotta take on a Vivid Faith; a type of Real Faith, For Real Living, In The Real World.

Your love is like fire, that burns for all to see.
My only desire, to worship at Your feet.
So let this fire, consume my life.
Let Your love take me deeper,
Draw me closer to where You are,
Cause all I want is more of You.

When You call I will follow.
At the cross I surrender all,
Jesus I belong to You.

– Love Like Fire by Hillsong

Real Faith, For Real Living, In The Real World

(C) Benjamin Lim

#107 part 2: “in a moment You can turn a life around / forever to be found in You”

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