#103: disconnected thoughts that may not make sense

Have you ever wondered, if some individuals in leadership position, were placed there because they had to be? because no one else would take it up? Ever wonder if some of these individuals-turned-leaders actually had no say? And all they felt they should do, was to accept the responsibility that was suddenly entrusted upon them.

Sometimes a leader has to run the whole show on his/her own, simply because there’s isn’t anyone to lead in accomplishing a task but still, there’s a job to be done. Although a one-man show has its negative connotations, have you ever wondered sometimes, some of these one-man shows were inevitable as a result of circumstances? As much as an individual would like to have others assisting him/her, at times, he/she is not granted that luxury.

Oh. Today (or tonight I should say) I received a life lesson on the fact that ‘you cannot please everybody’. Some people will simply hate you to the core, and you may never know the reason why. Just remember to keep your emotions calm, be conscious that you’re a pain in the ass to someone, that someone Regards your presence (though not in a positive sense), and pretend to be normal. I think I was pretty close to killing someone if I actually let my words/thoughts come to fruition, fortunately for my more overpowering fear and slightly greater rationality.

And I also realised that at times, really, you have to be selfish, you have to make that effort, and fight for yourself, your own space, your own time, your own little joys in life. It’s oh so important to have time for yourself, to simply do nothing, to go out, take in the surroundings, enjoy a sense of peace…oh I could really use that right now. My mind’s been embroiled in so many things, a getaway from my life now, would really help.

I’m tired.

#103: disconnected thoughts that may not make sense

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