#101: contentment starts right here

3 consecutive days, 3 mealtimes spent with friends. The 1st at Tim’s wedding reception, where the joyous occasion was complemented with a splendid food selection and the company of church friends, some of whom I had not seen in a long time πŸ™‚ The 2nd was just yesterday after church, but we missed the fire at food republic in Wisma Atria!…ok that wasn’t a good thing...but lunch was good company, with church friends as well πŸ™‚ Would’ve been a teeny bit better if food republic wasn’t that rip-off…

And today, #3, glad that Dad allowed me to go out for dinner with my JC Law Programme groupmates after work (attachment actually). Erica suggested we dine at asian food kitchen at Citilink Mall, turns out they rebranded themselves as “chopsticks” by asian food kitchen & at the same time, trimmed down the no. of food items proportionate to the size of their menu. Ice-cream afterwards was EPIC. Jared, Erica, Sinyee & I went for the Olympic from il Gelato di Bruno & it was sooo worth it: for a cookies & cream ice-cream on a cone & coated in dark chocolate THE SIZE OF YOUR FIST originally costing $10 a stick, we got 4 at $20 cos of a “1-for-1” offer πŸ˜€

Felt like an OLYMPIC CHAMPION after finishing it πŸ˜› nah, just kidding. Definitely wanna go back & try the ice-cream balls that are hazelnut ice-cream coated in chocolate, strawberry, pistachio or…I forgot what was the last flavour, but from the looks of the lady behind the counter, it seems to be a steal too (Y)

With the rest of the evening filled with Sinyee’s lame jokes, Erica constantly wanting to pee after ice-cream & hogging the write-your-wishes-on-inflatable-balls-&-this-being-related-to-something-happening-at-marina-for-the-2012-countdown stall, it sure felt like a Friday night rather than the evening of the 1st working day of the week.

Yes, sure I would’ve wanted to stay on longer with my church friends & hang out with Danielle who celebrated her birthday yesterday, rather than collect data for my EE, sure I would’ve wanted to go out more with my classmates & ex-classmates earlier in the 2nd half of our Nov break. But, I suppose 1 thing I should learn & bear in mind is that, I ought to be contented with everything else I got to experience & enjoy.

Contentment starts right here, when you are contented with what you already have right now, what you got to experience.

#101: contentment starts right here

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