#98: and after 4 straight days of dancing…

When Mr. Lim showed me the itinerary for the 3rd Youth Leadership Dance Camp, I knew it was gonna be an eye-opener for someone who just started dancing like me. And boy did YLDC not disappoint 😛 In the span of 4 days, 40+ student leaders in several schools’ dance CCAs came together to learn  from dance professionals from 8 (I think there were more than 8 actually) dance genres. I must say, without YLDC, I doubt I would’ve got the chance to experience traditional dances such as Chinese, Malay and Indian dance, and for something more common, BALLET heheh.

Learning from many different professional dancers who specialise in different styles of dance, going through their warm ups (think I’ll remember Peter Teo’s warm up the most out of all the warm ups cos he killed my quad muscles & NEARLY made me split properly), learning the basics of hip hop, jazz, contemp & the traditional dances, learning choreography has definitely expanded my dance vocabulary. I just hope I can remember as much of the exercise & choreography I’ve learnt during this camp! Oh yea, the Cha-Cha warm up session was damn funny; it was like aerobics LOL

This being a leadership camp, I’ve gained much aside from the fun & enjoyment…& the teasing -_-. Preparing for our individual group dance showcase certainly was the highlight for each of us to put our leadership skills to work. For me, it was the 1st time I choreographed part of a dance properly. But while we prepared today for our showcase, my other group members started to spring out ideas & overwrite what I had done. I definitely didn’t feel really good about it, but this reflected 1 aspect of being a leader & that is to take everyone’s opinions into account & try to accommodate to everyone as much as you can, even though you can’t do so all the time.

On hindsight, I feel that even though I didn’t get to see my work being displayed entirely, it’s not about my effort, but it’s a group effort. Moreover, I’m kinda glad I actually did bother to eat a little into my rest time last night to choreograph eight 8s for my group, so at least we had something to fall back on today & it’s because of that, my other group members could come up with fresh ideas without worrying too much. 

So, for more takeaways from YLDC: communication IS VERY important, between the leader & his/her followers. Always try to engage everyone & hear everyone out & try your best to accommodate to everyone. Yes, sometimes some people are just really (cant-stand-it-kind-of) single-minded, but it’s times like these when things don’t go as planned/expected, when a leader has to be flexible & be willing to make sacrifices on his/her part. It is also really important for a leader to keep the morale in a group high and on a leader’s part, it’s crucial to take initiatives & take that extra step to speak/step out. At the same time, a leader should also know went to listen to what his/her members have to say.

I’ve been laughed at, teased at & “bullied at” this camp (again…), but I’ve met lots of different people (girls more so cos there were only 4 of us guys!) from different schools, different dance backgrounds, different personalities, I’ve made new friends :), I’ve seen what a long way I have to go in my exploration of dance, felt some mixed feelings but overall, I really enjoyed myself. I’d like to relive YLDC again, or experience something like that again, plus that can be used as my excuse for not doing work! (lazy-boy-to-the-max right here) But honestly, I really did enjoy this experience at YLDC 2011 with the people I’ve met.

Thank you Mr. Lim & thank you God.

#98: and after 4 straight days of dancing…

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