#97: Youth Leadership Dance Camp 2011 Log 2

Couple more takeaways from today’s 4 sessions of dance workshops *pants*. Don’t be afraid to dance in an ugly way; from there, you learn how to improve. Allow your creativity to flow; explore & innovate new ways to execute particular movements, rather than just applying conventional techniques. Be willing to take the lead & at the same time, be humble enough to be a follower.

On a more physical and mental level, it is VERY IMPORTANT to train your core and quad muscles as a dancer! (You see, today I died during Jazz warm-up, WARM-UP my goodness, didn’t know my quad muscles were THAT weak, that certainly was a wake-up call for me). Push yourself beyond what you can do; strive for new boundaries. & persist, be determined!

Of course, if you have the luxury of time, be patient, be willing to repeat things you’ve said/taught more than once so that others may get a clearer idea of what you expect of them & find it increasingly easier to do what they’re supposed to do.

#97: Youth Leadership Dance Camp 2011 Log 2

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