#95: accidental hiatus

Oops, this hiatus from posting for slightly more than a week was unplanned. Quite a far bit has happened lately & I suppose I’ll just condense everything to its simplest as far as I can recall.

First & foremost would definitely have to be my promo results. Thank God I met the promotion criteria academically (now I’ve gotta worry about submitting my research paper draft on time, deadline’s on Tues/Wed). Honestly, I could have & should have done better. There were a number of worrying decisions I made in each of my subjects’ papers, but thank God the sum of the consequences of those decisions did not affect my promotion to year 6 in terms of my academic results. Yes, thank God for that.

Slightly more than a week before getting back my results, Dance Venia performed at the IB World Heads Conference Gala Dinner at a ballroom at Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre. That has gotta be our highest-profile performance yet & it was awesome (Y). Oh but the flashing laser & spotlights & man-made mists let us have a taste of what I felt like was a club; you could hardly see clearly what was 1 metre away from you on the raised platform we were performing on haha.

In the last week of Oct, Sam organised a BBQ for Dance Venia at her place & oh my, she has a lovely home. Her home really gives you a sense of resort-style living, it’s so chillax~ Well we didn’t have a BBQ in the end..but the gathering was really fun. Swimming, video-camming & doing silly stuff in her pool, bonding over the food, watching some of the guys compete in watermelon eating!, playing Indian Poker & Chubby Bunny (& I left after that >.<) It was a great way to start our post-exam unwinding.

That was until all our Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Internal Assessment (IAs) & Extended Essay (EE) drafts & submission came & kept us from taking a break…Oh & I’ve to study for Chinese that’s coming up this week too, crap…ok, almost done…

Nov has been quite good so far. Us year 5s had an event called novemberfeast when the whole cohort came together to chill & listen to bands within our own cohort perform for an evening of winding down the frantic year we’ve pulled through. It was really inspiring to see the talent in my cohort & it was a great night of entertainment & catching up with friends, new & old. Inspiring though the singers & instrumentalists my fellow year 5s were to me, I was also reminded how much I lagged behind in terms of my own vocal abilities (I can’t play an instrument properly for nuts really).

And just this afternoon Daryl’s family invited my parents & I over for “tea”. Turns out they prepared quite a spread for us that managed to last my parents & I past dinnertime. Daryl & his family have also settled into their new home & boy, this was the 2nd wonderful house I saw in 2 weeks. Really thankful for Daryl & his family for their hospitality, to dine together & catch up. Been quite a while since we last did so.

On a heavier note, today’s youth worship wasn’t good. I’d have to admit I let my team down with my song choices & my unprepared-ness. I failed to settle the song arrangements & the highs & lows as we practiced each song yesterday. So today, it just turned out pretty bad, despite how much my musicians tried to fix the problems I created. I’m thankful that Hope, Cheryl, Jack & Dom (who played 1 song for us this morning at the very last minute) did what they could to make things better. I on my part…have a lot to work on; my enunciation, voice projection, song arrangements, how I want the songs to be performed. But most importantly, I failed to commit worship to God completely, & the difference was glaring without God’s help. I was really, lost, today. Luckily Serene signalled to me to up my pace for the last song.

This coming Nov, I’m still gonna be really busy. AND YES, I THINK IT’S TIME I DID A LITTLE BIT OF RESEARCH FOR MY EE AND/OR READ UP A LITTLE CHINESE… But thank God for all the post-exam fun & relaxation I’ve enjoyed over the past 2 weeks or so~

#95: accidental hiatus

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