#92: nightfall rendezvous

Thank God, & well my Dad too, for this weekend. Was allowed to go for OG dinner at Swensen’s in Holland V after dance on Friday evening. As usual, the speed of Swensen’s food service continues to find disfavour with me, fortunately we got to pay the student price for our meal. PLUS, one of the waiters was nice enough to bring my friend & I, who had been waiting for our order for half an hour, a bowl of soup, free-of-charge (Y). And dessert after I polished my lasagna was greatt; it was the 1st time I tried the ‘Giant Earthquake‘, with 8 flavours of ice-cream topped with 8 different toppings. Glad I managed to satisfy my ice-cream craving (Y).

Dance Venia had a performance yesterday at the IB Heads Conference Gala Dinner at the Marina Bay Sands. Gosh, the ballroom sure Is grand. We performed ‘On The Floor‘ from our recent FOA in front of a respectable crowd which included 3 of our own deputy principals who kindly wished us good luck before our performance & praised us immediately afterwards. “Now all the IB heads know who you are” commented 1 of our deputy principals. Well, with all the smoke and flashing blue red lights & twin flashing spotlights that rendered visibility of the stage to barely a meter & turning it into a club, I’d think maybe the IB heads didn’t get an extremely good look at us heh.

But post-performance was really fun. Walked around The Shoppes at MBS at night for the 1st time, FINALLY got to walk across the Helix Bridge (if I remember some of the DNA base pairings on the bridge were wrong…) & hung out in town for real for the 1st time (wow I’ve written ‘1st’ quite a no. of times already). Caught a little bit of a hip-hop performance from the dan:s festival  at the Esplanade outdoor theatre that was in town until tonight, too bad I didn’t get to stay longer to watch the performance the rest planned to catch. Still, 2 nights out in a row, that’s a great achievement for me already (Y)

Finally today, lunch out with Ben ‘Buff-Nails’ Lim, Gabrielle, Danielle and Beverly at 313 Somerset. Got to eat from Shihlin again after moving from my previous home (Y) Basically chatted, teased, made small talk & joked around at the food court with Kane over lunch, & did some silly walking in circles around any of our Young Adults that walked towards us. Boy did that amuse the security guard & promoter who were standing behind us, must’ve been thinking “What in the world are these crazy kids up to??”

But I have to admit, I still feel pretty out of place (referring to OG dinner & last night’s rendezvous at MBS & the Esplanade), don’t feel quite wanted by the people I hung out with. Nonetheless, it’s been a fulfilling weekend with many ‘first’s.


And now, for a week of cracking my brains over philo & my econs research, as well as fretting over how to clear my IAs…*sigh* m.l.i.IB

#92: nightfall rendezvous

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