#89: not the best start i hoped for to October

A quick, short post before I head off to bed.

Tomorrow it’s back to the frigid exam hall for me & 400-odd more students as we take on another week of promos. For quite a number of us, including myself, this is the killer week, with papers everyday..

I honestly don’t have time to prepare myself adequately for all my papers I’m taking this week, which is the bulk of all my subjects. I’ve wasted away precious revision time during the weekend, that I know. Somehow, I just can’t get back on track after I slack off or take a break longer than I expected to…

I’ve probably said this every year around this time. I’ll need a miracle from God to pull through this & do well enough to keep myself afloat. But each year, the degree of my need for God’s miracles to help me through my exams, becomes greater & greater.

It’s a mad week ahead. Only God, & probably if I suddenly have a new-found fool-proof discipline to revise well with whatever time I have left, can ensure that I come out my promos unscathed. Wish me luck Pray for me if you don’t mind, I’ll really appreciate it, whoever you may be.

#89: not the best start i hoped for to October

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