#88: “You are my great reward”

On this day, God wants you to know

“that life is not meant to be a speedway. Slow down to savor the gifts God has already showered you with.


Indeed, thank God for today. I was so unprepared when I went in for my first Econs promo paper this morning. The fact that I had to walk into the exam hall immediately the moment I got there and head to my desk, leaving me with hardly any time to catch my breath or come to terms that “Ok, I’m gonna sit for Econs now”, didn’t help.

But thank God, the only syllabus I studied for appeared as one of the essay questions and I just threw whatever I knew & all my handwriting effort (literally) into that one question. It’s up to the quality of my answer now (& God’s miracles) to determine the pace I’ve set for myself to the beginning of my promos for real.

But, I really want to stop letting God down. Despite saving me when I needed most very often, I don’t make full use of the opportunities God had given me. For one, I practically wasted my entire day after I got back from my exam, when I could’ve actually start preparing for the huge wave of papers that await me everyday next week. I knew I had so large a syllabus to cover in such an impossible duration, and yet when God gave me the time to prepare myself, I didn’t.

Sigh. I really want to do well. I have to as well. I’ve got so much at stake. I really don’t want procrastination and laziness and hopelessness and fear to get the better of me, no not now (not ever actually). I really want to do well, cos in a way, I’ll be showing my gratitude to all that God has done for me.

“You are my great reward / you’re so worth fighting for…”

Homeward Bound by Kristene Mueller

#88: “You are my great reward”

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