#84: even though it’s just a few lines

On this day, God wants you to know

that when you feel alone and your heart is troubled, talk to God. Let the presence of God come to you and envelope you and bring you peace. “


Had a nice dinner with 4.14 classmates Isaac, Barney, Gerald, Fred, Wen Shien, Tim Koh, Mike Wong, Ben & Glenn at Swensens earlier. Gosh we sure spent damn alot for dinner! $200+ –> no kidding man. What’s funnier was that we had problems settling the bill when it came, cos we kept re-counting & re-counting all the money each of us gave, double-checking after double-checking whether we paid for what we ordered & the correct dishes, & even whether the receipt was correct. And after 15mins, we agreed that Isaac hadn’t paid yet & that pretty much finally settled what would’ve been quite a funny dinner experience xP But it was nice catching up with the guys abit 🙂

On a side note, yes, the advice above is pretty apt for me at this point in time. I have technically just, wasted 5 days when I could’ve done so much more revision or clear my homework backlog, than what I actually did. And what’s even worse? I was well aware that I am wasting my own time. Goodness…

If I don’t do well for my promos that’s coming up in a mere 20 days time, I really have no one but myself to blame. Even God prompted me during the times when I was just lazing & procrastinating over these 5 days. And I simply ignored Him. Sigh. It’s ironic how we always want God to listen to us, when sometimes, when God wants us to listen to Him, we don’t..

Promos countdown: 20 19. God –


*bleh..feeling the calories of that cookies&cream + chocolate ice-cream “mudpie” now..BUT it was :P*

#84: even though it’s just a few lines

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