#82: weekend indulgences

 (C) aqualune.wordpress.com

Meals rundown for today:

Lunch: ginger peach tea, spinach cheese quiche, red velvet cake from cedele at VivoCity

Dinner: cheese fries, rice with butter chicken, milk tea bubble tea, lime juice from wah chee & dover crescent

Activities rundown:

Led worship for youth

Headed to school to practice the choreography for Seniors’ farewell; 3hrs of great dancing (Y)

1h of soccer before dinner

Reality check:

notes for dance seniors (non-academic)

2 Eng commentaries – 1 poem 1 prose

1 TOK essay

2 Chinese compositions

1 Bio design practical report

1 new Bio design practical research question

massive load of revision yet to be done

Parting note:

Thank God for the dance practice, all the food (largely fattening) & the company of friends. Well, I suppose a good way to thank Him is to actually do something about & get started on my work?

(ps: hopefully I can stay away from oily, deep fried, chocolatey food for the upcoming week As Much As Possible after today ><)

#82: weekend indulgences

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