#81: a little more God-oriented

On this day, God wants you to know

“that a lot of the things you think are important, are just urgent, but not important. Focus on what really matters. A phone call for example is always urgent – it rings only a few times and is gone, but is often not important. If you are in the middle of something truly important – playing with kids, being present with your loved one, – do not stop just because a silly phone rings. Stay present with what’s important now.”

The Anthem sang by the young adults today for Young Adults’ Sunday. Well done guys (Y)

Day by day, your mercies, Lord attend me,
Bringing comfort to my anxious soul;
Day by day, the blessings, Lord, you send me,
Draw me nearer to my heav’nly goal.
Love divine, beyond all mortal measure,
Brings to naught the burdens of my quest;
Savior, lead me to the home I treasure,
Where, at last, I’ll find eternal rest.


Day by day, I know you will provide me
Strength to serve and wisdom to obey;
I will seek your loving will to guide me
O’er the paths I struggle day by day.
I will fear no evil of the morrow,
I will trust in your enduring grace.
Savior, help me bear life’s pain and sorrow
Till in glory I behold your face.
Oh what joy to know that you are near me
When my burdens grow too great to bear;
Oh what joy to know that you will hear me
When I come, O Lord, to you in prayer.
Day by day, no matter, what befalls me,
I will know the comfort of your love.
Savior, with your presence here to guide me,
I will reach at last the promised land.

Things you can help me pray for:

I will have time and be able to complete all my work. I have a pile of work to complete (literally) and with many overdue and some whose deadlines loom quite soon, I really pray and need to get my work done.

Good relationships with my friends, peers, especially with one of my friends (i really hope that friend is doing alright)

Enough sleep

Good time management this week

Talk to God more often

Have I mentioned my work & deadlines? Oh, I have. Well, guess that shows how much my work is bothering me…

#81: a little more God-oriented

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