#74: God saved my undeserving ass again

Guess the title pretty much sums up what mainly happened today. The entire cohort got back our mid year results today and overall, I think we didn’t do very well as a cohort. Quite a good number of us didn’t meet the promotion criteria, which if it happens for our final years, it’s gonna cost us way more than now. My class teacher Mr. Jarrett Kan told us before going to get our exam scripts that half the class did not meet the promotion criteria. I became really anxious upon hearing that, and it was a level of anxiety that I last felt when I was going to learn about my year 4 promotion results.

But I thank God I made the promotion criteria. I could have done better, should have done better. I could have gotten higher for my standard level subjects, some marks I loss were not completely out of reach. I should have done much better for my higher level subjects though. They are higher level for a reason – I’m supposed to be better at these subjects. I really have to work much harder and smarter in preparation for my final years, which after taking away all the weeks that I’ll have to spend, doing assignments, Math portfolio, English IOP, Chinese IOP & IOC, Econs & Hist IAs, BIO IAS, Bio design practical… is actually quite a short period of time away. And that’s really scary.

I’m worried that I’ll stagnate and revert back to my laziness that has nearly driven my IB journey off course. It seems like God is giving me yet another chance to really do the best I can. I really want to. So, thank you God, for helping me survive mid years, and I pray that I will use this ‘another chance’ You have given me, to push myself even more, to prepare myself well for the final years, to do better.


oh and thank you Abigail, things did turn out alright

#74: God saved my undeserving ass again

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