#72: “it’s our problem free, philosophy…HAKUNA MATATA!!”

The Lion King Broadway's Award Winning Best Musical

I’ve been hearing alot about The Lion King Musical from friends who have seen it and almost everyone of them loved it or said it is a ‘must-watch!’ Well, I finally got my answer as to why.

The costumes and props were so, so colourful, so well designed and made! Not to mention the background props that assisted in depicting the transitioning of different locations. There was 1 antelope herd prop which was made with some parts of a bicycle that the actor pushed around the stage. That was really cool. The Huge Mufasa lion mask really awed me too.

The music was excellent. Powerful, emotive, and you can feel how passionately the scores were being played. Even the conductor sang along to various stanzas of many of the songs! The actors and actresses were fantastic. Extra credit to actors who played Scar, Zazu, TIMON and Pumba for providing the audience with a humourous afternoon. Timon: “just let it go LA”. Oh and also the boy and girl who played young Simba and Nala for their great vocals despite being so young.

What’s really cool about the musical were the instances when the performers came down the aisles as they made their way on stage, allowing the audience to see up close the costumes they wore, the props they carried, their colourful make up. It made an musical of such a large scale more personal for the audience sitting at their seats. And it goes without saying, the familiar plot and songs successfully captured the joy I experienced as a child when I watched Disney’s Lion King (over and over again my Mum told me) 😛

Plus the Island Creamery mudpie after the musical (finally got to try it after waiting for quite a while, and it.was.g-o-o-d) when my parents and I went to get groceries, it marked a really good weekend afternoon that I haven’t enjoyed for a long while. Life should be like that shouldn’t it? Spending weekends catching awesome performances like the Lion King Musical, tasting good food, going to the movies, making a trip to the beach, go window-shopping and grabbing small bites, hanging out with friends…but our academic or working commitments seems to tie us down so much :/

Anyway, this has been a good Saturday afternoon in a long while 🙂

#72: “it’s our problem free, philosophy…HAKUNA MATATA!!”

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