#68: no doubt about the fact that tomorrow has its own worries

I wonder if there are teens out there who have to worry about what to eat everyday? Well, I’m not addressing the poverty-stricken who undoubtedly awake each day with the goal of filling their empty stomachs. The group of people I’m concerned about here, is teens who have options, varieties of food to choose from, various locations to dine or buy take-aways. Are there teens who are asked everyday “What do you want to have for lunch/dinner?” with the indirect responsibility of making a decision on the type of food, on the place to go, such that it will make everyone happy?

I wonder if there are teens who have to worry about where their next home will be every now and then? Again, I’m not addressing the homeless and those who lives in families that struggle to pay bank loans; of course these are people we ought to reach out to as well. Moving to this current place was already bitter for me. I don’t hate the apartment, don’t get me wrong; it’s been helpful that now my journeys to and from school are shorter. But yes – the lack of amenities, the more trouble you have to go through to get to town, the lack of a good place to put a standing fan (now i hate to use the fan cos’ it keeps blowing my books, notes and worksheets everywhere) – sucks.

And you just gotta keep throwing the smoke-screen question of “Which (local) university do you think you will end up in?” at me, cos’ you’re ‘planning for my future’, you wanna do ‘investment’, you tell our property agent friend that mum dislikes (or should I say dread?) this place… …c’mon, dad.

I have mid-years to worry about. My preparations’ been way behind schedule (and I’m still posting this, awesome aren’t I?), I doubt I can cover the syllabus required of me to be prepared for my exams which are in…2 days (with the Sun in the sky) time. I know I brought it upon myself, I’ve procrastinated, I’ve been lazy. But in certain pockets of time, I do put in effort to make the most of the time I have left. And I’m so worked out by mid-years cos’ if I don’t do well,

God knows what you’ll do??

You’ve got good things to threaten me with. Dance (especially since performance will be less than a month’s time after mid-years and I really want to be a part of it), my freedom to go out (which is already little considered how old I am)…

Mum, Dad: I don’t need to worry about these things too. I already have enough on my plate.

#68: no doubt about the fact that tomorrow has its own worries

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