#61: this year, it’s just a day to remind you you’re 1 year older

This year was the 1st time i had spent my birthday overseas, not to mention it being 1 of the only few birthdays i’ve had so far when i didn’t have to spend it in the exam hall. I was with my class in Cambodia for an overseas community involvement program sorta thing the past week when my birthday was smack in the middle of it. Yeah, i was with my classmates. Yup, 2 or 3 remembered it was my birthday (& only when they said it out did the class sing a birthday song for me).

But, i didn’t feel, well, that, special.

I’ve always felt that birthdays are that 1 day when you can feel special, when you can feel how much you’re worth to the people around you. Perhaps the really unexpected surprise i got from Dhinesh, Abigail, Sean & Justin last year set a bar too high. I just didn’t feel that significant on my birthday this year.

Ok, maybe i’ve become to materialistic, because i didn’t get any birthday gifts other than the nice shirt my aunt bought for me. Or that not as many people as i wanted to actually wished me “happy birthday” on facebook/twitter/texts, some of whom forgotten, others perhaps don’t seem to care. That’s pretty immature for a late teen don’t you think?

Yeah, i should be thankful for the things people have actually done for me & the people themselves. People who’ve made the effort to wish me, even if it’s just cos facebook conveniently notified them; my classmates who later in the day wrote & performed a epic birthday song for me that brought not just myself but the rest of the class lots of laughter; my parents who got me a cake when i arrived back from Cambodia; Midas, Jonas, Ben Lim & Abigail & Sean (especially Abigail & Sean) for lunch & ice-cream today.

1 year older, gotta be more matured, gotta be more grateful for what i have & what i receive. Compared to the kids i’ve interacted with in Cambodia, i’m so much way better off than them. I’ve gotta be thankful for how fortunate i am & focus more on the people who made the effort to make me feel happy for being born. Yeah, thank you guys 🙂


Note to self

“God answers in 3 ways: he says yes & gives you what you want, he says no & gives you something better, or he says wait & gives you the best”

#61: this year, it’s just a day to remind you you’re 1 year older

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