#60: Project Infinity

It was pouring when i woke up this morning. It got me kinda worried since the Student Council was holding Project Infinity today. Project Infinity was organised in aid of the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Students could come down to swim & run to raise funds for charity. Thank God that by around 10 the rain stopped & Project Infinity was well underway.

Each swimmer swims 4 laps to complete 1 set. Every set will mean that the swimmer’s partner who is running or if the swimmer is going to run later, will raise $1 for every round he or she runs. The maximum no. of sets to swim was 8.

I didn’t have much expectations, thought of just swimming a decent no. of laps, like around 2-3 sets? In the end, i swam the maximum 8 sets (ie. 32 laps of 50m each). It was a great personal achievement for me πŸ™‚ It was my 1st ever time swimming so much & i’m really glad i managed to cover 32 laps of a regular pool. Thanks to Ershad, Josiah & especially Boon Choon who were swimming with me throughout, thanks to Charmaine for her encouragement, & of course, thank God πŸ™‚


On another note, i feel that i haven’t listened to God or trusted God as much as i should for some things. Lately there have been a few occasions when i’ve taken things into my own hands. I keep trying to make some things work through my own effort, but they don’t eventually.

I guess i’ve turned a deaf ear on God. I suppose, if God wants you to have something, have someone, have a certain experience, He will give it to you. If He doesn’t, then no matter how much you try, it just won’t work.

Well, guess i gotta start listening to God more. Gotta pay greater attention to the hints He drops every now and then whenever i encounter anything or anyone. Pay attention to God’s hints and react accordingly. Paranoia has been getting an edge on me inch-by-inch lately. I suppose, i’ve to have more faith in God & let Him work more in my life.

Yeah, i think that’s the main thinghaving more faith in God.

… …

And now, gotta go back to Bio IAs, getting ready for Hist test, do my overdue Chinese practice papers, revise Econs & Math, read my English World Lit text…*bleh* IB’s so much work 😦 wish i could hang out with my friends instead during this Labour Day break 😦

#60: Project Infinity

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