#59: Happy Easter :)

2000 years ago, on Good Friday, the Son of Man was crucified on the cross. He died for our sins, He paid the price for us, so that we can be reunited with God.

2000 years ago, today, Christ rose from the grave. He is a living miracle.

And i’m thankful for Him.

I’m thankful that Christ laid His life down for me, for the sins i’ve committed, & the sins i may commit in future. I remember hearing a story during the Religious-Emphasis Week in school last week, about a priest paying a boy some money to free a cage of very old, rather useless birds, and similarly, how Christ ransomed us from the Devil with His own life.  Jesus didn’t have to do it, He wasn’t obliged to save us. Still, He did it anyway, exchanging His life for ours, so that we may live.

“This is how much Jesus loved us: He spread His arms as wide as they could go and died for us.

Happy Easter :)”


 i thank God too for people whom i can call friends. they are people whom i may not interact with often, but we get together, we hit off fine. there aren’t alot of them, but, i’m glad to just have this group of people, to call friends. 

#59: Happy Easter :)

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