#58: my not-so-looking-forward-to turned rather-good weekend

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I was stuck on a wayy overdue Bio report for the whole of Friday night & by 12 i didn’t want to carry on doing it already. My 1st thought was that it’s not gonna be a very good weekend ahead. Turns out that the weekend was, pretty good actually.

I Finished That Wayy Overdue Bio report (Finally). But i’ve to admit, i’m still lagging behind by Lots of work, reading & revision..

Nevertheless, i can say that this weekend has been a good one. Attended Temasek Polytechnic Dance Ensemble’s GEM 6 Dance Concert, which Brenda performed in :D, with Dhinesh & Anette~ It was a fantastically wonderful performance! wish i videoed a couple of the dances, all the dancers, & of course Brenda, were brilliant 🙂

Today had a semi-spontaneous birthday celebration for Selena 😀 Then while walking down Orchard Road, Dhinesh, Sean, Selena, Ben & i caught sight of this guy in a war machine outfit & we just had to take a photo with him. It was for a good cause too; it was an effort towards relief for Japan. Well it was a spontaneous birthday celebration, so Selena took away with her 3 mini Disney-icing chocolate cakes, a Golden Ovaltine Gongcha & the group photo of us & the war machine today. I think she enjoyed herself 🙂

Oh yes and thank you Pam for the muffins (: they tasted really nice 😛

1 awesome dance concert, 1 spontaneous birthday celebration, 2 muffins, company & catching up with friends, yeah, my weekend turned out pretty good actually 🙂 Thank God for that~

#58: my not-so-looking-forward-to turned rather-good weekend

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