#57: a simple, quiet thought

If i could, i wish i wouldn’t have to hang up. Simply go on with our conversations, that take my mind off the work i’ve to do, the reading i’ve to do, the revision i’ve to do, the expectations i’ve to meet.

I too, found my thoughts at the edge of my tongue, and likewise i just can’t seem to get it out. I guess you could say, i was just as uncertain, just as afraid, just as anticipating, as you were.

Even if it was just for 1 moment, i’m glad that the moment existed and we created it, we lived it, we experienced it. I’m happy with just that 1 moment, when our thoughts were the same.


“…Is there a possibility, for us?” Yes, of course, of course i’ll say yes. Yes there is.

#57: a simple, quiet thought

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