#55: “it’s more than a beat to dance to”

(C) http://www.latinoreview.com/news/lr-s-the-blu-room-step-up-3d-blu-ray-combo-pack-12166

Just came back from dance camp 2 hours ago. Can still remember how i felt a little nervous when i was on my way to school yesterday evening since i don’t know anyone in dance particularly well (well maybe other than Vu, Binh, Claudine & Ianna). But in 24 hours i’ve left that at the back of my mind & what i’ve taken away was a wonderful experience.

‘Blow-wind-blow’ broke the ice for us somewhat; thanks to the forfeit for unfortunate (or fortunate) ones like yours truly. Playing games like having a certain no. of hands, feet, knees, buttocks, heads on the ground only in our camp groups was a great start to bonding for seniors & juniors. I found a few male dance seniors quite approachable too, just on the 1st night.

Oh yes, we finished watching mainly the dance parts of Step Up 3 by 2am. After that, just couldn’t get to sleep! The floor was damn hard..as like other years i’ve slept over in a classroom in school. I don’t think i got any sleep actually..& i had the privilege of listening to a variety of alarms blaring off 1 after another (especially the SNSD ringtone one, that went off 20-plus times & twice it did a mash-up with someone else’s Rocketeer) :S

This morning we warmed up with some running, a few games of captain’s ball & breakfast. Then we had a warm-up session with Andy, the seniors’ SYF choreographer & boy, dance warm-ups sure are memorable (& really strenuous for that matter). While the seniors rehearsed their SYF, the juniors had to choreograph part of a given song to perform at the end of camp. So we spent most of our afternoon doing that, lunch in between & watching past performances from previous batches.

The choreo showcase was really really fun & i think everyone enjoyed themselves, getting ‘wow-ed’ or treated to something just entertaining 🙂 I still  like my group’s choreo the most though heh, who would thought we could come up with something like that for Crazy Frog huhhh

I’m supposed to finish up my Bio worksheets now instead of posting, but i felt i ought to write this down. Dance camp was really f-u-n. Bonding with seniors over games like ‘I Never’, ‘Sa!’, ‘Cat & Mouse’, simply just chatting & getting to know each other – both seniors & juniors & among us juniors – & getting to dance, i’m really glad there was a dance camp for us to attend 🙂

… …

But now, it’s back to reality. Damn tired……& got damn a lot of work to do… How now brown cow? :/ Damn tired…

#55: “it’s more than a beat to dance to”

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