#54: ‘Our Hearts, Our Hopes, Our Aims are One’

I didn’t think that i would write about this, but i thought i’d just note it down for the occasion’s sake.

Today the ACS family of schools celebrated our 125th Founder’s Day. It was indeed a special occasion. It was a day when you’d be able to spot at least an ACS boy/girl or 2 in every MRT carriage travelling towards Stadium MRT, or on every bus heading towards Kallang at 8 in the morning. It was a day when about 9000 ACS students flooded the Singapore Indoor Stadium, & later on jam-packed eateries in Kallang Leisure Park or took to the streets of Orchard Road when the event was over.

The atmosphere was one of a kind. Not only was it my first visit to the Singapore Indoor Stadium (embarrassed), but having thousands of ACSians coming together & to sit amongst them, it was a rather interesting experience altogether. And after today, i can say that i have seen  individuals such as our education minister Mr. Ng Eng Hen & local artist Nathan Hartono with my own eyes.

Throughout the singing of hymns, listening to speeches, devotion, watching great performances that show ACS has got talent, i also found it interesting to know that i was in the same place as a number of my non-school friends, attending the same event. All because today we were united by 1 thing: being part of the ACS family.

#54: ‘Our Hearts, Our Hopes, Our Aims are One’

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