#53: i think in econs this is called ‘reallocation’

(C) http://loveandsmilesandlife.tumblr.com/post/3384691440

It’s a wonderful thing having people to socialise with as we go about our daily grind. School & work renders us anti-social to some extent. Assignments to complete, reports to write, projects to work on, topics to revise; these are the main customers we service during most of our ‘awake time’. And i still haven’t taken into account extra activities that requite physical & mental effort on our part, such as sports training.

School has kick-started proper, and i’m beginning to develop this idea of school being a double-edge sword. School is where i’ve made new friends this year, but at the same time, the separation of being in different classes & the work we get daily, threaten our very efforts to maintain this new friendships we’ve forged.

Yes, some orientation groups have the potential to remain close even after quite a while. But i guess i worry on my part, since my freedom to roam & do whatever i want is still ever so restricted, that my new friendships may not grow, may not last.

Of course, i definitely want them to. It’s been a lot of fun going through orientation with my new friends. It has also been good to spend time with old friends over this period of time up till the present too.

And spending some quality time with church friends came timely as well. Having a simple meal together, hanging out, chatting, looking around at everything & anything in malls, catching up on each other’s lives, a phone-call starting with a shaky hello that grew into a much longer than expected conversation… People may say the time spent on doing all these could’ve been spent on something more productive, like reading my novels, practicing math, etc.

But to me, i’d say, those were quality time well spent. And if i could, i’d love to be in the company of my friends, doing things we like to do, everyday.

#53: i think in econs this is called ‘reallocation’

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