#52: V’day revamped

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Yesterday, Victoria brought her ingenious baking concoction of  chocolate-chip cookie-dough covered oreos to youth & it was definitely *thumbs up*. Too bad i don’t have a photo of it. I do hope Vic will bake these delicious treats again 😛

Today, i received 3 very colourful cookies (above) from Claudine & Genevieve, who spent time to bake for everyone in our orientation group (OG) for this day. I really appreciate the thought that they’ve put into the cookies & checklist+well wishes notes 🙂

We had an hour after school to continue our OG field games that was postponed some time back. Though it was a short time of fun, it was a Big eye-opener watching what a team player people can be for the sake of the group of people they belong with. For my OG, those 6 guys & 4 girls who played ‘Sock Wars’, i’m really proud of the grit they’ve displayed today.

Valentine’s Day, a day for couples to spend quality time together in an atmosphere of romance. For myself, i spent it messaging well-wishes to some friends whose replies really helped lighten up my mood today & in the company of a sporting & perhaps, i can finally say, bonded OG 🙂

Orientation is ending soon, but i’m glad we’ve made lots of good memories. From sitting through entire days of lectures, sloooowly eating together during breaks, going to Swensen’s at Holland Village for our 1st OG dinner, playing team-bonding & wacky station games, working together for war games, running all over Sentosa on a hot HOT day (& emerging champions of amazing race :D), chilling at Vivocity & spending Valentine’s Day in school on 1 of our better-off days of orientation.

So this is my Valentine’s day story. It’s quite unconventional, but hey, it’s got quite a number of pluses don’t you think?

#52: V’day revamped

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