#51: so i paused for a moment and..

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Today, Amos ended off his message with this:

We don’t forgive because people deserve it, because most of them don’t deserve it. But we forgive because we have been forgiven.

I confess there are times i do forget momentarily about the fact that God has forgiven us for our wrongdoings. But for us to really forgive someone – who angers us all the time, whom we bear a grudge against, who owes us something – to forget about all that, to write off all that, now that’s not easy. Still, we’ve to try.


My largest leap of faith so far in 2011, i took it today. Choosing subjects is 1 helluva hassling dilemma-abundant affair for me. Nonetheless, it had to be done, sooner or later (well the dateline is tomorrow). As for my subject combination for my next 2 years of education, i’ve chosen something a little unconventional. Whether or not i’m going to get it, i’ll know in the coming few days, or by next week. I sure hope i’ve made the right choices God.


Been hearing the matter about how i’ve grown further from my parents as i grow older being mentioned quite alot lately as we catch-up with relatives over the Lunar New Year visits. From what i gather, i suppose i may have stuck too close to my dad when i was little, thus making the gap between us ever prominent. Some children may still maintain close relationships with their parents even in their teen years & adolescence. But in other cases, such as yours truly, we detach ourselves from our parents more as we mature. Not that we want to exactly..but it’s more of we have to i should say?


And the ghosts of my past, are still haunting me. My intuition tells me to be wary & do my best not to give in to them, or history might repeat itself. I ought to act & think more maturely. There’s alot at stake. Friendships. Yeah, i really hope i can keep my friendships & maintain them well. It seems the past, may test me, to see if i’ve learnt anything from before.

#51: so i paused for a moment and..

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