#50: into another world

(C) http://adwitiyassite.blogspot.com/2009/04/behind-veil.html

It’s quite true our minds are rather powerful things. The dreams we have every once in a while are testimony to that.

In our slumber we can recreate locations we’ve been to before, acquaintances we’ve come across. Often, we can also create places, people, circumstances that we have yet to encounter or even impossible to exist.

So marvelling is this capability of our subconscience, which I’m guessing is the source of such an amazing feat. However, we frequently have little or no control over what we dream of.

Should we dream of things that make us happy, we’ll definitely prefer to enjoy our fantasy & not wake up. But when our dreams go awry, a ‘kick’ may be all that we’re hoping for, to return to reality where ‘normal’ seems way better, to awaken.

I suppose it was my 1st time, if not my 1st time in a long while, since i woke up in the middle of the night from my dream. I felt as though i was consciously participating in my dream, i felt so alive within it. The whole storyboard flowed seamlessly, until the very last frame.

During the part right before i awoke, i could feel myself, being an embodiment of evil. Sounds far-fetched doesn’t it? But, i’m really frank about it. I was evoking such fear, such terror, that for the 1st time in a long while, the capacity of my dream was too much for me to bear…

I forced myself awake.

#50: into another world

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