#49: it’s so much Bigger than you think

(C) http://www.thrilld.com/entry/139892/Danielle

At the beginning of January, Amos (my pastor) had an upbeat song suggestion for my worship session this month. I’m glad that he suggested that i lead this song for worship. Cos i think, it was quite well received among the youths.

f.y.i. the song is ‘The Time Has Come’ by Hillsong

The high tempo of the song gave me confidence to pick similar types of songs for worship, when usually i’d just pick regular-paced or slightly slower songs. It was a well-influenced move.

And there was my worship team, I’ve had them (Yunsil – my guitarist, Jack – my drummer) for at least 6 months now, 1 year for Hope (my pianist) though. I’m glad that they’ve been there for me as i tried to fill into the shoes of  a youth worship leader, offering whatever musical expertise they had.

But Jack caught a bug yesterday during practice, so i rung up a few people & i’m glad Victoria agreed to play for me at the 11th hour. We had practice on Sat afternoon without drums, so the beats were quite dearly missed. Today, Vic came in & gave us that desired punch in our delivery. (not literally haha)

There were a no. of hiccups during the course of the worship though, mostly from me, singing the wrong lines & sounding off-pitch at parts. But after the service today, i was glad to hear 2, Just 2 people say like “Hey, worship was good today”.

Getting recognition for the effort i put into preparing this worship was great. But of course, i was mindful of the big picture. I am thankful for Amos who directly & indirectly helped me with my song choices. I am thankful for Hope, Yunsil & Vic who played their best this morning. I am thankful that God was silently helping me run today’s worship session. Oh i think He did.

And actually, it’s not so much of the recognition that 1st came to my mind. Instead, it was knowing that today’s worship session managed to touch 2 people – & i think there are more – that gave me a hint of satisfaction.

#49: it’s so much Bigger than you think

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