#48: kitchen getaway

It’s roughly halfway through January &…my 2 full months of vacation is coming to an end in 2 nights & a day’s time 😦

Before i trade my days of wasting time away for uniforms & waking up before dawn, i’ve to say 1 of the things i’m glad i’ve done was giving a shot at baking. It has helped me take my mind off things (well, at least for an hour or 2) & sampling something i’ve made brings about a little satisfaction i can take comfort in during my not-so-best-of-days lately…

Yesterday i realised that i had too many green apples in my fridge,

(C) aqualune.wordpress.com

I told Mum that i wanted to bake an apple cake, plus i came across an apple cake recipe while surfing the net last night.

So today, Mum & i got down to work. I made quite a mess of the kitchen table & i’ve to thank my Mum for having 1 of The best tempers among the people i know. The recipe i tried out was taken from http://www.joyofbaking.com/AppleCake.html

And after an afternoon of measuring flour & sugar, chopping roasted walnuts & apples,  mixing thick cake batter & putting the oven to work, this was what we got:

(C) aqualune.wordpress.com

(C) aqualune.wordpress.com

Although the cake was falling apart a little when i tried to lift a slice out & it tastes a just a little dry after quite a couple of mouthfuls later, the apple cake turned out pretty nice 🙂. I found myself wanting another slice as soon as i was done with my sample one. But i told myself: “nah” (i did have another slice after dinner though since dinner wasn’t filling).

Oh & here are some overdue baking photos:

(C) aqualune.wordpress.com

Mum tried baking a chocolate cake from a cookbook recipe. Mmm turned out abit overdone, but i think we can try refining the recipe & procedure in future.

(C) aqualune.wordpress.com

And this was the result after i decided to do something with the surplus bread we had at home. It’s supposed to be bread pudding but…it didn’t quite turn out the way it was supposed to :\. It was still quite nice though. Found another procedure for baking bread pudding, hope i’ll get to try it sometime.

I’m not sure when i’ll get to bake again, since school is starting on Monday 😦 there are still some recipes i wanna try. Hmm guess i’ll just play by ear then..while trying not to finish that apple cake by myself~

#48: kitchen getaway

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