#47: please come now i think i’m falling

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Have you ever wondered: when someone’s prayers are answered, someone else’s prayers have to be sacrificed?

An assumption came to my mind only just. Perhaps, at any 1 point of time, there might be 2 individuals praying/hoping/wishing about the same matter. The difference is that 1 of them desires for the matter to be a success, while the other desires otherwise.

Are we  hoping about the same thing?

Maybe.. Then, the next question is,

are we both hoping for the same outcome?

Or actually,

is the outcome you are looking for, completely different from mine?

… …

Lately, i feel that i have little control over my life. I still have a say about what to eat, when to shower, when to sleep, what to do when i’m out of the house without someone knowing.

But a lot of other things, are just, happening. They unfold, just *fingersnaps* like that. They’re thrown at me, just like that. And i’ve had to live with it, everyday for the past few days, past week, or weeks.

I guess i’ve not prayed hard enough, yes, i think so. Life, has been taking away a lot of things from me ever since last Christmas. It’s not cutting me any slack, at all. It keeps on taking something away from me everyday, either something new, or more of something that’s being taken away consistently.

Am i just, bound to lose the people, the things i treasure most?

… …

It seems I found the road to nowhere, and I’m trying to escape…

I thought I found the road to somewhere…

But I’m down to one last breath, and with it let me say:

Hold me now

I’m six feet off the edge and I’m thinking

Maybe six feet

Ain’t so far down…

– One Last Breath, Creed

#47: please come now i think i’m falling

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