#46: sitting on opposite ends tells a story

No matter how i try to run away from it, i can’t run away from the fact that something is wrong.

We aren’t particularly concerned about how everyone interacts/responds/reacts to us. We are just more mindful of how a certain number of people do so, the people who mean more to us than the numerous faces we encounter everyday, the people whom perhaps you can say, we especially care about.

When you aren’t able to speak to each other face to face, even just a simple “hi”, because somehow you can’t look at each other in the eye, you know something is definitely amiss.

But the unpleasant thing is, you don’t know how to make things okay.

And a series of  ‘games’ will roll out. One, is staying away as much as possible. The more often you try to avoid meeting,  the better it is for (unlike in usual games when there’s only 1 winner) both parties, or so it seems

A void appears next, & naturally, you’ll want to fill up that void. You mix with those friends who are just, more sociable, better to hang out with, talk to, & who you have less chances of getting entangled with in a similar situation.

Or you may try to distract yourself. Food is one form of distraction, though it’s not really right to use it as a means to numb yourself. Maybe pain? Work yourself out till you’re breathless & aching & sore, or you could… Hmm, but haven’t you got enough on your plate already?

How about a game of jealousy? It’s childish, but I confess of having played that. It’s not so much of make the other party feel bad, it’s usually played in the hope of getting the other person’s attention. You just want him/her to look at you, remember you, think of you, care about you.. but honestly? It’s 1 of the most unwise cards to play.

Still, no matter how you try to run, you can’t deny that, something just isn’t right.

Is there a way to resolve this matter? Can a better understanding be built? Can  things simply be how they are supposed to be? Complicated matters free, communication issues free, & instead, just be friendly, open, confiding &, happy?

… …

What’s wrong, God? I chose to observe 2011 for 1 week, to see if things from last Dec might improve. Why are things still so unstable? Why can’t I do anything about it?

#46: sitting on opposite ends tells a story

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