#42: an Italian tale

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I just realised i haven’t posted for quite a while since i came back from my holiday. This year was my 1st venture into Europe & the destination of choice – Italy~ Had some mixed feelings about my whole Italian experience, guess I’ll just write about some more outstanding events that occurred.

The weather was generally cool throughout since it’s end-autumn going winter. Really nice weather actually. It was my 1st time experiencing real cold weather, so whenever it rained during my 9 days touring Italy, i’d feel damn freaking chilly – that’s the downside.

(C) aqualune.wordpress.com

Haha but the good thing was that i saw snow for the very 1st time! It snowed the morning we left Milan on the 3rd day of our tour. It was, quite magical at that moment 🙂

Sights that i previously only heard/read about came to life. Cathedrals, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Colosseum, Vatican City, The Sistine Chapel (the entire ceiling was painted by Michaelangelo & it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g)…even down to regular sights like European houses & buildings i normally only see on television have really opened my eyes to a different side of the world.

Sadly the weather wasn’t in our favour at some attractions, like VENICE.. T_T.. but well, thank God for the other days of fair weather.

Got to taste authentic Italian food & it’s quite different from the ones back home. I suppose we’ve changed the original style of cooking to suit our tastebuds instead. But Italian food is pretty nice, & oh their hot chocolate, the best i had was literally melted chocolate in a cup o.o maximum sugar rushh. Not to forget their gelato, just.simply.awesome 🙂

(C) aqualune.wordpress.com

As for shopping… i’ve never seen That many branded shops & goods before. Well maybe cos we went to the places where tourists normally visit. So it’s true that Europe Is a shopping haven for people with an eye for branded goods. What’s more, they have a wider variety with rather interesting designs & colour schemes you don’t often see out of Europe.

It’s been an eye-opening holiday this end of year. New sights, new food, new stores, new history, oh yes & also new people. I’m grateful our tour group had a guide of the same nationality as us & she really gave her best to make our *unexpected events stricken* tour as enjoyable as possible. Really hope that her subsequent tour leading will go on smoothly & that she’ll enjoy her work.

I suppose the 2 new friends i made was the highlight of this short Italy vacation. It all started off with lending a bright pink umbrella & soon after,  we became friends for the rest of the trip. The interesting thing was how these 2 girls showed me again, the enthusiasm in a friendship, the care shown in a friendship, the joy of a friendship.

Now that i’ve been back from Italy for a week, i realised that these past few months i’ve been shutting myself out of the fundamental elements of a friendship. Sometimes for silly reasons, sometimes for selfish reasons, other times because i struggle with some things i just don’t want to share with others.

Well, i gotta really be more pro-active in my friendships, to maintain new ones, keep old ones & mend broken ones.

#42: an Italian tale

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