#40: over time we start to question “why?”

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Today, a friend brought up a thought i used to withhold & be bothered about. It went something like:

Why do [you] have to be so stressed over this? It’s not like we’re gonna get praised right?

(visualize this as a light-hearted tone of voice saying it)

I’m guessing that all of us had our fair share of moments when we hope to get praised for what we have done. It’s common for us to want to be appreciated for the effort we’ve put into certain tasks, usually a form of service rendered towards others. The recognition from other people gives your work  a sense of value & it makes you feel good about it.

Sometimes, we may render such services or carry out this sort of tasks time after time, but we never get recognized or praised for our effort. It just gets bitter after a while. There doesn’t really seem to be a point in carrying on since people don’t bother to give you recognition.

But, here’s the idea. We do these tasks and render these services because of a purpose. I don’t suppose that original purpose was to gain recognition? For example, worship leaders in church lead worship because they want to serve God. Someone bakes a batch of cookies because they want to share it with their friends.

The original purpose of why we do certain things is gradually forgotten over time. It becomes replaced by our personal desire to gain ‘self’ recognition. Yes, it does feel good to be recognized for the things we’ve done. But let’s try not to let it become our main purpose for performing tasks & rendering services.

It’s not easy, that i’ve to admit. Still, let’s try not to forget that our original purpose, has the intent of giving, not receiving.

#40: over time we start to question “why?”

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