#39: so i thought “why not just give it a shot?”

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So late last evening, FoodPress caught my eye when i checked out the WordPress homepage. It was nice to browse through the recipes of a couple of finger-licking goodies, like Chocolate Espresso Yo-yos and Pumpkin Swirl Brownies. Soon, i  felt like baking something myself.

Today, I decided to try baking a small batch of brownies (those in the photo above) as my 1st baking experiment, using the recipe from AllRecipes.com with a few amendments of my own. As much as i wanted to do everything on my own, Mum still helped me out nonetheless, before i left a huge mess to clean up in the kitchen =x.

After slightly less than an hour of repeated weighing, beating sugar-coating butter chunks, trying to blend cocca powder & flour into a gooey mix & oven company, voila.

Cons first. It was a little salty at certain bites cos i didn’t mix all the ingredients thoroughly enough (what’dya know? there’s salt in brownies). The brownies turned out quite ‘cake-y’, not the chewy-hard texture of regular ones.

Other than that, it was not bad 🙂 I’m quite happy with my 1st tray of brownies & i’m looking forward to bake more & improving on them in future. Thanks a lot to AllRecipe.com for the brownie baking guidelines & Mum for lending me a helping hand in the kitchen.

#39: so i thought “why not just give it a shot?”

2 thoughts on “#39: so i thought “why not just give it a shot?”

  1. peasepudding says:

    My favourite past time when not cooking is looking through other Blogs to be inspired by others! The brownies look delicious.

    1. Haha it’s a great way to pass time 😛 Thank you! Your Chocolate Espresso Yo-Yos look really good too 🙂 I might wanna give it a shot in future after my baking gets better.

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