#38: often forgetting you’re always getting sandwiched

(C) http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2006/10/08/1160246008793.html

Picture a dispute between 2 friends, even strangers for that matter. There’s always gonna be someone caught in the middle. Another friend who is related to the 2, a policeman assuming the role of a mediator.

Despite getting involved in aggressive arguments at times ourselves, honestly, we do know that nothing good comes out of it. In fact, it’s the middle-men who always suffer the most.

Take for example, my mother. Growing up hasn’t done my relationship with my mum much good. Similar to a stereotyped teen – i find my mum naggy. But in reality, she ain’t; it’s me just automatically feeling irritated when she pops by my room once too often.

I secretly admit here that i prefer my mum to my dad. Like duh? She wayy more easy-going, understanding & i bet if she were head of the house-hold, she’d give me more freedom. Sadly, i ‘almost’ always take advantage of her good personality.

One of the moments i really sympathise with this heroine who has done everything for me is when there’s friction between the breadwinner of the house & me. Or when we have a ‘cold war’. She’s like the girl in the picture above – dad’s not giving in, neither am i, & mum’s gotta appease both of us & has to worry about my relationship with my dad, besides the thousand & 1 things to worry about our daily lives.

And the saddest thing? I being the unfilial son am most stubborn. Stubborn to not swallow my pride to let my dad win all the time. Stubborn to not feel embarrassed being less disrespectful towards my mum.

Oh yes, it finally hit me why we as kids gotta do well in our studies. Before we hit university & the reason becomes ‘to get a good job’, we’ve to produce good academic results to appease our parents because they control our freedom. To put it simply:

Poor results = Very unhappy parents = Reduced freedom = Unhappy us

Okay, ‘nough about focusing on ME. I wish i had the courage to appreciate all that my mum has done for me & all the shit she’s been through cos of my dad & i all these years. She’s my Superwoman. 1st one at least.

#38: often forgetting you’re always getting sandwiched

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