#35: “glowing dim as ember, things my heart used to know”

(c) Google Images (key words: walking in the rain)

Today i realized that i might not be the only one rowing this boat. A friend of mine shared with me about  feeling this “i just don’t really feel like i belong there“. It rang a bell to me instantly. “Yeah, i’ve been there and done it” i thought to myself.

It’s queer that something familiar can become unfamiliar over time. Nowadays, there are things (i’m guessing there will be a lot) i’m tied to for reasons which differ from the original ones. My purpose has changed, and this change, isn’t something i wanted.

Undoubtedly, it’s difficult to pen down in words explaining, why did 2 people fall out? why did he/she lose his/her passion in this/that? why does he/she not mix with them anymore? and similar issues. Sometimes, it just happens.

A breakdown in friendliness, an awkward atmosphere when i’m with certain people, the feeling that i don’t seem to fit in..it’s sad that it’s becoming more common. And the worst thing? The people concerned with this issue of ‘a sense of belonging’ my friend or i am facing, are oblivious to it.

Just not too long ago another thought came to my mind. ‘How do we know that our “friends” are genuinely friendly towards us? What if that friendliness only existed temporarily?‘ Alright, maybe we’ll find out one day. But even if we do,

what do we do once we’ve found out?

#35: “glowing dim as ember, things my heart used to know”

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