#34: the journey hasn’t ended; a tougher pathway has just been uncovered

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Just so you’re wondering, the countdown on my previous post was for the release of my exam results – which is today. Ever since the end of the exams i had feared for how i fared this final year exams. After taking every paper, i either left the hall dejected with how i struggled or on slightly better occasions, disappointed with the fact that i should’ve done better.

But what’s done is done. Today, i found out what my post-secondary exam future would be: i met the promotion criteria. Looking at every exam script i got back, i was constantly reminded that this was all thanks to God’s grace & mercy. So many instances when i shouldn’t have deserved such leniency due to my procrastination & neglect for my work. Yet, like what Anette said:

God is gracious, He will help you out, one way or the other.

And His grace didn’t stop there. With experience from the ‘confrontation’ by my dad when i got my mid year results, i’ve been psyching myself  for a deja vu this time around. But strangely, my dad did not exhibit any obvious sign of frustration. There was a subtle hint of disappointment in his tone when he spoke to me on & off. But overall, he sounded alright with my results. That, really took me by surprise.

I do pray that i won’t forget about God since this episode is over. All credit goes to Him, that i managed to pass every subjects in the end & be spared from my dad’s wrath. However, i’ve to bear in mind that my journey hasn’t ended yet.

With the end of  secondary education drawing nearer to a close, the path of tertiary education awaits. A 2-and-a-half months holiday will pass by faster than i think it will be. I hope i won’t forget what i’ve learnt over my 4 years in secondary school & i’ll be able to maintain & better still, improve my standard in time for a new school year.

For now, I just feel apologetic to my teachers & tutors & everyone who has rendered me academic support for not doing well enough to repay the time & effort you have taken to help me, thankful for the support of my friends & family & yeah, most importantly, the ‘Big Guy Up There’.

#34: the journey hasn’t ended; a tougher pathway has just been uncovered

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