#31: once a century | a pleasant gift to the world

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It’s the 10th day of the 10th month of the 10th year since the new millennium. It only comes once every 100 years so i thought i’d might as well post something today heh.

Being the very unique numerical-looking day it is, it was unsurprising to hear hundreds of newly weds will formally be known as ‘man-and-wife’ today/night. And it’s also a time like this my heart goes out to my dear friend Sarah, who should be slogging out at a wedding dinner as i’m posting now ):

So to Sarah: “i really hope you’ll be able to get off work on time tonight & may you have a well-deserved rest!” (x

I myself was involved in this occasion of wedding bells ringing. My cousin from my eldest aunt on my mum’s side just wedded at dusk today. It’s been only the 3rd wedding i’ve ever been to in my entire life, but i’ve the feeling this is the 1st time i witnessed a solemnization.

And what makes it extra special? The solemnizer recited the whole solemnizing outline in mandarin. Now that, deserves credit.

I also think tonight was the 1st buffet i’ve had this year? Maybe i’ve been to another buffet or 2 already…but oh well. A lotta food. Well, it’s a buffet right? Silly me. Tangy green mango salad, fresh salmon sashimi, chill-stir-fried chicken, cold-seafood platter, mac-&-cheese, chocolate fondue, bread pudding, fruit crumble, glutinous riceballs, tiramisu with chocolate shavings, blueberry cheesecake…my oh my…

The black-pepper crayfish was the steal of the night. Only God can keep track of how many times the tray got replenished =S..

Well as you can guess from the list of delights above (there’re actually more unnamed fingerlicking good stuff), i’m still a little bloated now as i’m typing this. Gosh…& with Bio written paper & Chinese composition paper tomorrow morning for exams, my end of year results seem to be rather bleak…

But 1 thing that really got me tonight was the atmosphere, of seeing my maternal side’s aunts (esp. my youngest aunt who was back from taiwan for a few days & for this wedding) & cousins (esp. my 2nd aunt’s son whom i’ve not seen in ages & now he’s like…buff! o.o haha). The nostalgic community spirit feeling, i don’t know, it’s some sort of, nice. heh.

I’ve also observed something lately which i’m really glad about. It’s that as girls mature, they become better & better looking.

I’m NOT saying girls are bad looking alright. But, i find it marveling to watch how Time shapes a girl into a fine young lady. The maturing looks, fashion sense, personality, character…I’m just really, “wow”. It’s amazing how girls transition to ladies. I sure thank God for girls in the world 😉

If I walk, would you run?
If I stop, would you come?
If I say you’re the one..
Would you believe..me?

thank you abigail (:

#31: once a century | a pleasant gift to the world

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