#30: and so, it begins

Tomorrow i will awaken just like any other day. But tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow, is the start of my End of Year exams which my anxious mind had been fretting over since forever.

I haven’t felt fear so consciously like i had for the past 2 days in a long while. It was the kind of fear that can grip you & leave you in a daze & all that you can think of is how scary what awaits you can be. So often i wanted to throw in the towel. So often i wanted to break down. So often, i was won over by my fear…

But i guess it’s at a time like this, when i have to count on the God i’ve been worshiping, serving and believing. Yeah, believe. Cos, there’s no turning back from now on. If there’s anything left that i can do, is believe that God will somehow make me, a miracle.

pray for me.

#30: and so, it begins

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