#29: at first it was all pain, and then, nothing

For those who realized there was something amiss these past 3 days & thought associated this oddness with me, i wanna thank you firstly that i came across your mind. But if you didn’t, it’s alright.

Just like how Aang encountered the giant lion turtle days before his battle with the Phoenix King, i took a little detour from my countdown to my End of Years too. Well, not that ‘little’ exactly..

I had a throat infection early Monday morning & thanks to my poor immune system & mixing around with some not so well classmates, i got a fever. After seeing the doc., taking meds & sleeping, i thought i’d be fine after another day of rest. Turns out, day 2 was like hell.

I barely slept a wink on Tues. night, my fever was..horrible, to an extent i don’t even want to describe it. I even thought of getting a knife from the kitchen to put myself out of this misery. Eh, it’s no joke if a damn freaking ill person thinks of suicide just to get rid of the sickness.

I even thought of the things i wanted to say to certain people before i gave up on my life. But about a couple of light years above our heads, i think God feels that my time’s not up yet. So He gave me 1 last surge of strength to get my butt back in the clinic for a fever jab & viola. It seems like i came back, from, i’m not too sure where either.

Now that my battle with fever’s over, time to turn my focus back to my original fight. I’ve lost a lot of time to this ‘detour’. I guess all i can do now, is give everything i can give to salvage this final big test of the year.


It’s okay if i don’t have many friends. It’s better to have a handful of good, reliable ones.

Someone whom i’ve drifted away from for quite a while now seems to be pulling me back to his shoreline. I don’t know how long this friendly concern will last, but i’m glad it still exists.

thank you mum, your head massages are still the best

#29: at first it was all pain, and then, nothing

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