#28: life decided to cut a little slack on me today

No expectations. Just me, my textbook & my music. That’s how i decided to keep things after i walked through the Chapel door this morning. But before that, say “hi” to mr. purple – whom i hope that his trials won’t be too tough on him – & birthday girl #1 – obviously, since it’s her birthday.

Then yes, me, my textbook & my music. It was going alright for awhile. Then came another mr. purple & mr. white. Heheh it was funny when miss. ‘spent-1/2-hour-doing-a-differentiation-question’ commented that mr. purple #1 messaged mr. purple #2 about the colour coordination & mr. white said:

“No no…*points to head* (meaning telepathy) this one ;)”

Then mr. purple #2 was wondering how i can read my textbook when there’s music & people talking, etc. Well, it’s really a distraction for me, so that i won’t interact with so many people as vice-versa.

It worked for a while on miss. new-black-hair. But when she was telling me about how tough her work had been, my heart went out to her. The least i could do was, be a friend to her. (lend her my hoodie when she was feeling chilly actually heh)

Miss. yellow didn’t look away when our eyes met for the 1st time in a long time. She waved too; that gave me a little, but much needed relief.

Worship was nice. Miss. black was leading & despite the little mistakes, you could feel her sincerity to make it a good worship session for the rest of the youths. Well, maybe not everyone could feel it. But i did.

Bible study was alright, a little more willing to share & be open to my BS group mates’ opinions. After BS, wished birthday girl #2 “happy birthday” too. She was on texting on her phone then, must be replying all her b’day messages.

Yeah, this morning was a much needed boost for me. A “hi, how’ve you been?”, or a simple wave, or even just acknowledging that they see me, little things like these, i thank God for them. I thank God that when the word ‘friend‘ appeared in my mind today, i felt, calmness.

But there’re still some uncertainties. Like miss. red & white stripes. I’ll still keep praying the same prayer, that my relationships with people will improve. I won’t mind if it does so quite slowly, as long as God answers this prayer of mine, & that His answer, is “yes“.


#28: life decided to cut a little slack on me today

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