#27: that’s why people say we only learn to cherish something after we have lost it


He sits in the middle of an empty road, both road shoulders filled with rusted dust & the tamarind light shining down on him. This was all unexpected, unanticipated & most of all, unwanted.

When things started out, there were so many new acquaintances to be made. But back then, the atmosphere was so much more receptive, more easy-going, more lively. Everyone got along well with everyone else.

New bonds were forged. Memories of mass lunches, afternoons in the cinemas, walking aimlessly around town, bonding activities & unwinding at camps, together, would be created.

And old ties? They still remained. Acknowledgement was ever-present, casual chats at night catching up with one another continued & hanging out was hadn’t been classified as ‘out of the question’.

It seems that 3 words fit in perfectly in here: taken for granted.

Now the tamarind sunshine has been obstructed by a series of cotton. The sky has turned slightly overcast, but there’s still no sign of rain. He is still sitting in the middle of this empty road, alone.

In the past he would tread upon this road with company that meant so much to him. But in truth, he never really understood what it really meant by that. Still, that was company, that brought a smile to his face, that made him feel connected, that made him feel like he belonged.

But now, all that company is gone. Those bonds disappeared so subtly, it was only until when almost all that company had ceased to interact with him, did he realized what was going on. Just recently, this fading simply sped up as though it was given the authority by some higher-order being to do so.

He has now become estranged from what used to be familiar to him. All that was once familiar, now seem so distant, so blurred, so much more unknown.

So now, he can say that “I’ve been there & done that”, although it’s not something to be proud of. The next time if anyone says something that goes like “I feel lonely…no one seems to care…”, he’ll be able to empathize. Because this what he is going through. He has become part of the mockery he once participated in fueling. He has become someone whom many can just see through like there is no one there.

A cold droplet fell onto his tired arm. His even more weary mind tells him to ‘get up’ & ‘get going’. It takes so long to build up something, for something to grow. But it doesn’t take too long, for all of it to come apart. Perhaps that’s why people say that,

we only learn to cherish something after we have lost it.


#27: that’s why people say we only learn to cherish something after we have lost it

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