#26: an usually unnoticed daily miracle

(C)2008 Swarmoeskerken on Flickr

Thank you God, for an email i didn’t realize until 2 days after it was sent. The string of words of encouragement, lit me up amidst the animosity i felt.

Thank you God, for a particular trio. They accepted me with ease & engaged me in their conversations & jokes & random blabbering, when i’ve lost my connection with the major cliche.

Thank you God, for these 5 messages tonight. It showed me that someone still remembered my existence, someone whom i thought i had become a lost memory too. I know it sounds harsh, but honestly, that’s how i felt when our communication broke down. I’m glad to have received these 5 messages.

Thank you God, for answering my prayers a little. After all, you still answered, & Your answer was ‘yes’.

Here is another request I have:

I hope You’ll continue to answer this prayer of mine everyday, & especially now, i hope that You instill greater productivity in me. Push me to revise, because time – as always – isn’t on my side yet again.

Continue to help me, God.


#26: an usually unnoticed daily miracle

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