#23: i won’t find me when i look in your eyes

Contemporary tunes resonate within the familiar 4 walls. Your gaze, fixed upon a sea of familiar faces. Amidst your daze, a pair of dark pupils meets your line of vision. Your own eyes lighten up, as if they were trying to shout “Hi” even though they had no gift of speech. But those familiar pair of eyes that caught your attention for a split-second…

simply look away apathetically.

“That was odd” you might think to yourself. You give it another shot & your eyes meet theirs once more. But once again, you were given, the same apathetic avoidance. Oh yes, it is discouraging, discouraging to see that someone you know doesn’t acknowledge you. It seemed very much like he/she didn’t want to.

And there are another set of eyes, you find strangely difficult to maintain eye contact with. Perhaps it was due to the discouragement, but perhaps it was due to something else? Those eyes belonged to a face you’d definitely wish to see, but it just seems odd, when you fix your eyes upon that face.

It feels unwelcoming when eye contact is made. To you, they exist within your very thought process, even when they are no longer within your range of vision. But to them, you don’t occupy a square centimetre of their mind’s landscape. You’re simply, forgettable.


#23: i won’t find me when i look in your eyes

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