#22: a little daily report


…I wished my friend “Happy Birthday!” when his birthday was actually tomorrow. I even said “I didn’t forget ;)” … *embarrassed* haha

…I actually tried to participate in some Bollywood dance choreography for ACES day for once in my secondary school life. Too bad there wasn’t enough maneuvering space; i remained static most of the time =x

…I was glad to watch my school’s DanceVenia take to the stage with another number for Teachers’ Day celebrations :]

…I took 1 step out of my comfort zone

…Was the “i-can’t-recall-how-many-th” night my dad was working in the study room. His presence is really pissing me off. I can’t focus well with him in the room, but yet i can’t tell him. Why? It’s a rubbish explanation. “I can’t revise because you’re around“. I’ll bet you my eardrums wouldn’t have survived till now if i actually said that.

…marks exactly 5 weeks to my end of year promo exams.

Wait, make that 33 days. Because today has already, come & gone.

#22: a little daily report

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