#18: seventy.times.seven.

Today’s Bible Study topic was quite interesting. Let Go Of It was it’s title. It was about dealing with the pains & struggles in life, particularly about forgiveness. I was quite surprised to see Wei Yang & Jon Ang joining us for BS, but i was quite glad that they did.

Amidst all the discussions we had as a group, about how we react when people do us wrong, do we forget to forgive at times? what happens when we bear grudges & what do we do when someone constantly sins, i’ve to admit that Wei Yang’s contribution impacted me the most.

I suppose i’m a silent admirer of Wei Yang. NO not in a relationship sense! Because i’ve experienced it myself, the way he analyses matters, his understanding of them & how he puts them in words across to us, is just admirable.

He shared with us that when we come into conflict with others, we should find out what the problem is or what our own flaws are. Next, we should take the initiative to apologise first because it takes a lot of courage to admit your mistakes & by doing so first, it shows your level of maturity. After apologising, it doesn’t just stop there. We have to reflect upon the problem & our flaws. We also have to do something about it, to resolve it entirely.

After all, all of us sin. When we do, we ask for forgiveness. Then after a period of time, we sin again & the whole process repeats itself, time & time again. So, we have to learn to accommodate others who constantly seek forgiveness from us. Because, if we were in their shoes & God were in ours, we would want God to forgive us again & again, right?

Of course, it ain’t easy to put this into practice. And i admit that i personally find it hard to do so. But what we can do, is to remember, that forgiveness will lighten our emotional & mental burdens. Forgiveness, is something we all seek.

If he sins against you seven times in a day, and seven times comes back to you and says, ‘I repent’, forgive him.” – Luke 17:4

#18: seventy.times.seven.

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