#17: ‘freedom of speech’ is so overrated

I remember reading a friend’s post that things like complaints & emo-ing are frequents on blogs. “That’s what blogs are for right?” If you ask me, i can’t help but totally agree with that.

Basically, i guess what my friend meant was that blogs are where you can rant about anything that frustrated you, that saddened you, that made you happy, that surprised you, something worth remembering, etc. It’s like a diary which you’re willing to share with the online world.

But even then, at times, you may find it hard to express how you really feel. Some times the response you get from readers discourages you from posting the full story. Some times you refrain from spilling everything because you wish to spare a thought for a significant someone. Even though you yourself may not seem significant.

I’m guessing the people who know me will shake their heads & sigh after they read this post. The ’emo’ theme lingers so prevalently. I try to be less despondent, i do. But some times life just doesn’t go our way. You can’t help but be inclined towards negativity.

Damn i hope my sneezing goes away -.-

#17: ‘freedom of speech’ is so overrated

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