#15: 28:29:42. willpower workshop

I was planning to write some narrative story about this. But i guess the fatigue in my legs is setting in, plus the awesome mango my dad cut for post-dinner :P. Man..i wish i could eat somemore..but my stomach so full now, full of mango haha. Seems like i found a new comfort food :P. I just hope my insides won’t turn yellow xD.

So my dad took me on a run at about 5 o’ clock. We decided to run the longer route today, which he said was roughly 4-km long? I hope he’s right *fingers crossed* Cos if i can clock 29mins for the first 4-km of the 4.8-km during my school’s Cross Country re-run this Saturday, i’ll be contented.

Yup, 28:29:42 was my timing for today’s run. It’s not fantastic, but i’m contented with this timing, especially since this was my 2nd run after my 1.6-km run about a week or 2 ago? I just hope my legs won’t ache till i can’t walk properly in school, or still ache when Sat comes =S.

There were a no. of obstacles in the way during my run. Some people were burning things as offerings to their ancestors, the fumes from the exhaust pipes of the vehicles on the road & the evening Sun – i didn’t know it was that hot, or maybe cos i haven’t ran around my neighbourhood for quite a while now. Oh yes, i won’t forget the uphill slopes. Could totally feel the pressure put on my knees & thighs & calves & ankles.

As the run prolonged my stitch began acting up, becoming worse after every 10, 20 steps i took. But despite the fatigue, 1 thing kept me going: God. An uncanny answer? Well, when i felt my worse during the run, all that my inner voice said was all related to God. Even when thoughts of just stopping & walk the rest of the way came to mind, i pushed on. I just wanted to.

Half an hour in a willpower workshop, & i can say that my willpower just ‘leveled up’ today heh. I hope i can keep it there & more importantly, continue to let God give me that much-needed push when i feel like giving in.

Now the next step, is to apply it to my studies. *Bleh*

(oh do check out the video i posted below. It’s really cool & the song is really catchy 😀)

#15: 28:29:42. willpower workshop

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