#11: “it’s only when we wake up that we realise something was actually strange.”

Call me slow, but i would still watch the movie even though it’s been in the cinemas for almost a month now. Yes, for all those with Twitter & have been observing some of the trending movie topics, i’m referring to Inception.

After spending a good 2hrs 20mins of my afternoon today watching the movie itself, i was convinced of the rave reviews it has been receiving. Very convinced. The introduction of the mechanics behind dreams, the elaborately crafted plot, the futuristic-designed dream machine in suitcases, the pulsating action, zero-gravity scuffles & reality-defying world creation. It was a feast for the eyes & a treat for the minds.

The fictional careers introduced in Inception was something i found personally appealing, besides the mechanics behind dreams. ‘Extractor’, ‘Point Man’, ‘Architect’, ‘Forger’, ‘Chemist’, ‘Tourist’. Pulling off a heist or a dangerous task has subconsciously become something that increasingly interests me; another reason why i enjoyed Inception.

I have a particular liking for the ‘Architect’ (Ellen Page), not just because she is pretty, but a role is so amazing – imagine being someone who constructs entire worlds & manipulates their structure, cool huh? I also feel that her character’s curious personality also adds a sense of youthfulness to the film. The another character i particularly like is the ‘Forger’ (Tom Hardy), who’s witty personality & interesting ability to take the form of others in order to manipulate people appeals very much to me.

I guess i shan’t babble on too much about Inception already huh. I just find it refreshing and really smart of Christopher Nolan  to produce a movie on dreams. Actually, i’m quite thankful towards him for Inception has answered some questions on my mind. For one, now i know that the spasm you get when you feel like you’re falling when you are dreaming is called a ‘kick’.

Another interesting fact that Nolan brought up was when Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) said: “you never really remember the beginning of a dream do you? You always wind up in the middle of what’s going on.” Personally, i found this really true because i never seem to recall how my dreams actually start.

Dreams are indeed a very intriguing segment of our lives. Anything & everything can happen when we dream. We can be in the meadows enjoying the tranquility of nature, the chirping of birds & the scent of wild flowers. We can lie on a smooth white sand beach, with the waves crashing against the shore, the Carolina blue waters & the scintillating sunlight.

When we’re dreaming, that’s when our subconscious kicks in. While asleep, we might simulate events that we might never have thought of when we’re conscious. Suddenly our ‘world’ may be filled with horror & animosity & so much foreboding feelings that it overwhelms us; commonly known as ‘nightmares’.

Sometimes we visualize people whom we’ve never seen before & they may not even exist. Yet, they walk with us in our own fantasy. Sometimes we develop emotional feelings towards individuals whom we miss or those we’d never expect to. The closeness you share with them in your dreams…well i happen to sense a slight tinge of guilt after i wake up heh.

And at times even the weirdest of events can be dreamt up. I won’t list what kind of weird events. I’ll leave that up to your own imagination~

… …

Why do we dream? Are our dreams representations of what we really want, deep down inside us? Are dreams like movie trailers of our lives, revealing certain sneak-previews into the future that’s ahead of us? Or are dreams simply places for us to live out the things we cannot have or feel in reality?

Dreams. So delicate, difficult to explain, not easy to comprehend. But it is in our dreams, where we can be free. Or at least i think so, although we are under the mercy of our own sub conscience, which might just tweak our dreams such that they don’t exactly turn out the way we might have hope them to.

#11: “it’s only when we wake up that we realise something was actually strange.”

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