#10: nowhere i belong

09 42hrs: train departed from the 3rd last stop on it’s route, bound for 13 more station till the boy arrives at his destination.

09 59 hrs: train arrived at the 8th station. or was it the 7th? The boy can’t recall. But he could remember the time – it would be too late for him to catch even the last few words.

10 08 hrs: train arrived at it’s final stop. The boy dashed off at a speed that left him panting by the time he arrived in front of the red doors

10 15hrs: he arrived in the chapel. The lights were dimmed. The mood was slightly solemn. To the boy, there was some sort of tender feel to it.

do thy friends despise, forsake thee?” These words in particular, remained etched in his visualization even after the song was sung. It was a familiar place the boy was in. The lights, the piano, the guitar, the drums, the wooden pills, the screen, the stage. And so were the people.

But since the moment he stepped in, he felt so alienated. He was a total stranger to the place & the people he knew. He was, out of place.

Still, there were a few who bothered to acknowledge his presence. The boy’s neighbour, the ‘little red riding hood‘, the black&white bagpack carrier, the big but friendly one, his back-up vocalist, the amiable swimmer, the hair-band drummer, the solid guitarist.

And after he left the place with a lunch group, he would seem like a sad stalker to strangers scrutinizing the youthful bunch sauntering on the concrete path. He hardly said a word – there wasn’t much he could say. He wasn’t there early enough to warm up to the rest. Communication, was scarcely present.

It was a cold feeling residing inside the boy. He felt motionless, like a prop in the background which made up the environment wherever the group of youths went. His involvement came slow, but when the rest finally conversed with him proper, the ice seemed to have thawed off; but only that much.

So it has been proven to the boy, that he can be excluded, from everyone he knew. School, church, hopefully it won’t come to family again. But now he also knows, that sometimes, he has to live with this feeling. This sense of segregation.


This reminded me of you haha. Have a greatt time neighbour =D i’ll miss ya >.<

#10: nowhere i belong

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