#9: how some things change when don’t want them to

There are certain trends i have been observing for quite a while now, well, those that i can recall that is. And one of them goes like this:

It builds up over a period of time and when it reaches a comfortable level, it just suddenly, falls apart…  Whatever you took so long to build, just comes apart right before your eyes, and all you can do, is watch on helplessly…

I’m suppose many of us have experienced this before. Good grades. Doing well in sports or music or any form of performing arts. Effective time management. Relationships. There are occasions when they just spiral down, replaced by falling grades, injuries that rob your performance level, a lack of passion, procrastination & a moment when suddenly, your friendships aren’t exactly friendly, anymore.

Sometimes these can be corrected, with enough effort & giving them some time. But sometimes, these things just get worse & when it can’t get any worse, it remains stagnant & no one can tell, when will it rise up again.

Picture this trend like a graph. Starting from its origin at ‘0’, it grows diagonally upwards – this is when things are going well. After some time, it reaches a peak – this is when things have reached that comfortable level. But this peak, is also the turning point, & the graph accelerates diagonally downwards from this point on – this is when things fall apart. And when it can’t fall any further, the graph just becomes a straight line – this is when things just remain at the state they are left in.

I’ve always hated it when Life lets something in my life build up, only to let it fall when it’s around its best stage. It’s like Life is making a fool out of you. But no matter how sad i may feel about it, a lot of times i can only look on, & there is nothing i can do about it.

8:25pm: haha thank you Belle :}

#9: how some things change when don’t want them to

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